Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pelecaci Bomba Gólja!!

My lurking on the Diósgyőri VTK forum has payed off. Someone has posted a comment on our new midfielder, Florin Pelecaci, and a YouTube clip of one of the more spectacular goals you are likely to see for some time. The title translates from the Hungarian as 'Pelecaci's Bomb Goal.'

Warning: be aware the sound on this is a bit harsh. You might want to turn your speakers down a bit before you play it. Secondly, this clip appears to start after the goal, showing Florin's reaction and then the instant replay on the live televised match.

All I can say is, eat your heart out Beckham!

The comment that came with it betrays the struggle Pelacaci seems to have had in the higher leagues. This is from one 'Pirospont,' who appears to be one of the more active contributors on their forum: '

this was the only score from him in the two season of championships - but it was brilliant.

in supporters opinion he was a short, weak, often injured player.
he has good skills, but he didn't able to do the center-midfielder position.

on the whole we don't cry after him...'

Bath City are not going to pick up a player with Pelecaci's experience unless he's had a bit of a rough patch. Let's hope this will be a new beginning for him. And if he can put in a few goals half as good as this one, I'll cry after him!

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